Welcome to the 5th Annual Surf4Peace!

Surf4Peace is Humboldt County's first and only non-profit surf contest. S4P was created to bring the Humboldt County surf and beach community together.This year's contest will take place Saturday, September 6th 2008 at Trinidad State Beach!

The whole involvement completely beated all our outlook.

Surf4Peace donates all of its proceeds to one local and one international non profit organization every year that is geared towards peaceful and/or environmental action. This year S4P proceeds will benefit the Northcoast Environmental Center (NEC) in Arcata and ReefRelief.org based in Florida. ReefRelief.org protects living coral reefs all over the world. Previous years S4P benefitted the Humboldt Surfriders Foundation and the Redwood Peace and Justice Center. These donations helped to keep our beaches and ocean clean and to promote peaceful awareness and action in our community.

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This Year's Proceeds To:

North Coast Environmental Center


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